Prism Technologies Group, Inc.

Executive Team

Hussein A. Enan
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Greg Duman
President, Prism Technologies, LLC

Eric Loewe
General Counsel and Secretary

Steve Yasuda
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer

Prism Technologies Group and its wholly owned subsidiaries own a patent portfolio consisting of nine patent families incorporating 61 issued and six pending patents in the computer & network security, semiconductors and medical technology space.   Prism continues to develop and patent new technologies and is committed to ongoing research and development efforts in several fields. Our mission is to continue to develop and invent new technologies in the computer and network security, wearable computing, transaction processing and healthcare to speed time to market opportunities for our customers..

Based in Folsom, CA (just east of Sacramento), Prism Technologies Group is a publicly traded company (OTCQB: PRZM).